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BitCap market leading investment research delivers provocative insights on global macro and markets, and on crypto’s economy, global influence, and corporates.

  • Dynamics Crypto Market
  • Global economy
  • Market perception diverge
  • Rigorous analysis
BitCap research is our flagship service, offering daily commentary on global economies and crypto markets. it aims to uncover the dynamics of the global economy and crypto markets, and identify where economic reality and market perception diverge. In addition, BitCap summarizes our key views on the world crypto currencies investment environment.

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BitCap specializes in covering crypto business and industry sectors through survey based research. We provide market intelligence services to institutional investors, ad agencies and multinational companies based on primary data and non-traditional company and industry research. Additionally Bitcap acts as an economic agent, invests directly or takes stakes in different industrial sectors and financial markets.
  • mining Farm Management, providing superior mining services for everyone
  • Adaptive Cloud solutions, Data storage and global collaboration
  • Intelligent Computing Hardware and Software Eco Friendly, Web 3.0
  • Microprocessors and semiconductors
  • Medical and Health Industry, High tech anti-viral and 5G individual protection
  • Blockchain Smart contract, DeFi and Open Finance
  • anti-fragile investment portfolios tools
  • Rare and precious metals investment