CHIA Farming


Chia Farm XCH Rig Case
1 D32H-D4 motherboard
Intel i5 9400 CPU
16GB Memory Ram
SSD Drive 1 X 256GB
Lead Time 1 Week
Shipping Time: 2 Weeks


Chia Farm XCH Rig with D32H-D4 motherboard CPU, Case SSD Drive and PSU

What is Chia (XCH)? How to Farm It With a Hard Drive
Instead of Bitcoin’s proof of work consensus mechanism, Chia uses a novel “proof of space” model that uses storage space on hard drives.

  • Chia is a cryptocurrency that uses a novel “proof of space and time” consensus mechanism.
  • Instead of being mined using processing power, it’s “farmed” using storage space on hard drives.

Chia is a blockchain, digital currency, and smart transaction platform that’s intended to facilitate cross-border payments, escrow services and institutional custody, developed by BitTorrent creator.

Where Chia differs from other cryptocurrencies is in its unique “proof of space and time” consensus mechanism, the method by which the blockchain is secured.

How to farm Chia with a hard drive
Chia farming is rather different from conventional crypto mining. In order to plant your crop, you’ll need to stock up on some storage first.

Chia farmers typically write their plots on a large, fast SSD—small consumer-grade SSDs will wear out quickly, and HDDs, while offering large storage capacity, are much slower. The farmers then transfer their finished plots over to a large HDD. Chia plots are just over 100GB, but require up to 350GB of temporary storage. You’ll need to consider your initial outlay carefully, including SSD capacity, HDD capacity and the cost of other components you may require if you’re building from the ground up, and then weigh it against the likelihood of winning the “lottery” that allocates Chia rewards.

Fortunately there are handy online calculators that will do much of the heavy lifting for you, enabling you to calculate your estimated earnings based on the number of plots you’d like to farm, your hardware costs, and the current price of XCH.

Once you’ve assembled your build, you’ll need to head on over to Chia’s website to install Chia. Clicking on “Install Chia blockchain” will take you to the project’s Github page, where you’ll be able to select from a range of supported OS options (including Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu) and download the relevant installer.

Having downloaded and run the installer, you’ll be greeted with a screen giving you the option to create a new private key or import an existing private key. Click on “create a new private key.” This will generate your 24-word seed phrase, which you should write down and store in a safe place (it’s best not to take a photo of it or store it in a cloud drive, as these can be compromised and could enable someone else to access your funds).

Once you’ve clicked through to the main interface, click on “Plots,” then “Add a plot.” This is where you’ll allocate drive space to your Chia plots.

you can choose the size of your plot (typically just over 100GB), the number of plots on your drive and set up a queue of plots to run in series. You’ll also need to define your temporary and final directories. The temporary directory is where plots are initially created (usually on a fast SSD), and the final directory is where they’re stored for farming, waiting to be compared against the block challenge (typically on a commercial-grade HDD).

Once you’ve installed Chia, it’ll take a while for the blockchain to sync up before you can begin farming, though you can set to work on plotting straight away.

What is XCH token ?
XCH is the native token of Chia Network. It’s used for transactions and to provide rewards as incentives for users.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 72 × 58 × 30 cm
Model Type

CHIA XCH Farming Case

Model Number



ONDA Ch iA-D32H-D4

HDD Support

32 HDD


Intel i5 9400

Memory RAM

DDR4 16G

SSD Storage

1 x 256GB


1.2mm SGCC Zinc-Coated Steel




5 x 12038 Fans 200CFM

Application Temperature

-10 ~ 45℃



Net Weight

16.5±5% Kg

Gross Weight

20±5% Kg