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  • Client : Radrock
  • Category : Crypto Investment Forex Internet Innovation
  • Website : radrocktech.com
  • Date : 08/02/2020

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Radrock Tech Co.Ltd It is a high-tech company focused on the development and sales of high-performance RF front-end chips and module products covering 4G, 5G and Internet of Things. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, with branches in Shanghai, Xi’an and Chongqing. Since its inception, Ruishi Chuangxin has relied on the most advanced RF chip design technology in Silicon Valley, combined with the vigorous development of the domestic wireless communication industry, with innovative thinking and design concepts, focusing on high-performance, high-value-added mobile phone RF R&D and sales of front-end products have successively launched 4G Phase2, 5G Phase5N, N41 PA modules, NB-IOT PA and other high-performance RF products to meet the needs of domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the 4G, 5G and Internet of Things market in the next decade. China’s huge demand for driving Chinese mobile phones with China’s core, to get rid of the domestic IT industry’s long-term dependence on imports of radio frequency chips on the dilemma.
Client Radrock
Project Crypto Investment
Market wireless communication
Target Integrated Strategic Partner

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