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  • Client : Eeasy Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Category : Crypto Investment Forex
  • Website : eeasytech.com
  • Date : 15/06/2020

Easy Technology AI Machine Solutions

Eeasy Technology Co. Ltd. is a systems solutions provider focusing on AI machine vision algorithms and SoC design as its core technology.Becoming an industry leader in empowering the video security surveillance, automotive electronics, and smart devices with artificial intelligence (AI)

The company was founded in Zhuhai, China in July 2016 and has expanded with additional offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. Eeasy Tech has more than 100 employees including a core team with successful SoC chip mass production experience and an R&D team that has an average length of service of more than 10 years.

Eeasy has in-house developed proprietary IPs such as AI acceleration, HD image and video processing, audio and video codec, and high speed mixed-signal processing.The PPA of proprietary AI IPs are industry leading.

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