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BitCap Smart Partnership in High Technology Textile 5G Individual Protection

Suzhou TEk Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development of high technology enterprise, founded in 2015 by Suzhou Kazhtex Textile Technology Co., Ltd and Suzhou Teck-Wear Co.,Ltd together, formerly known as the silver fiber technology department of Suzhou Kazhtex Textile founded in 2004.

We have successfully mastered the core technology of manufacturing silver fiber through the long-term collaboration with well-known universities and many years efforts. The silver fiber is made of nylon coated by 99.99% pure silver. We have used the silver fiber to knit or weave all kinds of yarns and fabrics and achieved several national patents. Because pure silver is the best conductive metal and has natural anti-bacterial property, these silver fiber yarns and fabrics have good conductivity, anti-static and anti-bacterial performance.

The company is committed to the future of development and production of functional textiles, provide consumers with healthy and comfortable, intelligent environmental protection, quality excellence in textiles. Product function is primarily concerned with antibacterial, conductivity, radiation protection and smart clothing, etc., can provide personalized product customization, and ODM services.

Manufacturing silver fiber is our core technology We have the following qualifications: We have successfully mastered the unique silver fiber DTY production technology and obtained a number of national patents, which makes us in the industry leading level;-Owning the professional R&D team in the textile and chemical area and have established the long-term cooperation with the well- known universities;-Our products have passed the testing from professional authority agents and obtained the testing reports;-We have established the perfect quality management system, strictly controlling each production procedure. At present, the main products are silver fiber raw materials, electromagnetic shielding or conductive fabrics, antibacterial socks, underwear, masks, and a variety of silver fiber home textile products.


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Recent Portfolio

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