Capital Markets

BitCap believes finance is the cornerstone of international transactions, whether real estate, technology or any other sector.


Focuses on the acquisitions and expansion of existing Industries, retail stores and supermarkets, on both the upscale and the lower end markets.


Private health care concern specializing in acquisitions and establishment of hospitals, medical equipment and supplies.


Enables institutional customers and digital asset enthusiasts to invest digital assets efficiently. Direct blockchain investment, crypto funds, acquisitions, data farm and technologies .

A full suite of investment services

Investment services

BitCap provide a investment platform that offers you the best of human expertise and technology to help you start a ready-made portfolio of mutual funds suited for your risk appetite, and that helps move your wealth in the right direction.

BitCap Digi Crypto

Generation Crypto enthusiasts



Blockchain is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade.


With a robust business model covering cloud-mining, miner hosting, and self-mining, BitCap is well positioned to weather market volatility and facilitate the vertical integration of global digital asset mining industry.


Our decades of experience in tactical asset allocation and innovative technologies are one of the key drivers for ensuring our leadership position in the industry.

Blockchain & Technology

Accessing the world’s most cutting edge Blockchain & Technology companies.

BtCap provides financial and strategic solutions for technology companies seeking to acquire companies and assets in international markets. By using our established international networks, we ensure proven technologies with high-growth potential are successfully introduced to, and supported in new, strategic markets.

Our team has successfully executed a growing number of assignments through comprehensive analysis, capital raising, restructuring, IPO support, and mergers and acquisitions. We understand companies most challenging needs when entering a new market, and devise solutions to navigate both private and public, internal and external obstacles to meet our partners’ objectives.

Bitcap Philosophy

Our Focus Sectors

The foundation of our international partnerships is our strong grasp of top priorities for foreign developers and investors:

IT Cloud Network
Consumer Products
Shared Office Space
Real Estates

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Blockchain has emerged as one of the top technologies that will revolutionize business models in a multitude of sectors. The Blockchain Industry now moves at a much more rapid pace than the Internet Industry. Many companies in an expanding number of industries are increasingly interested in blockchain technology through research & development (particularly Proof-of-Concepts), strategic investments and acquisitions.

  • Reseach & development
  • Strategic Investment
  • Cloud Services
  • Company Funding
  • Acquisitions
  • Technology