Performance servers, powered by NVMe.

Cloud Servers with Enterprise PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD. NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD enhances the consistency, reliability and performance while increase the efficiency for data storage, management, and accessibility.
Compared with traditional SSD, NVMe SSD can handle multiple streams of data at the same time and provide faster speeds. In addition, data can be written simultaneously by allowing the data division and streamline through NVMe SSD. This results in faster interfaces and optimised routines for writing data to the SSD.

Superior Speed.

Enterprise NVMe SSD takes the full advantages of CPU utilization and high performance flash memory. This greatly increases the performance and efficiency of instances.

High I/O consistency.

With running multiple I/O operations simultaneously, NVMe SSD enables the processing of multicore and provides the Quality of Service (QoS).

Lower Latencies

By connecting vCPU via PCI Express (PCIe) interface, less than half of the number of vCPU instructions are required to process the I/O requests.

Optimized Cloud Servers

Designed for:

NVMe Storage

BitCap Cloud Hosting NVMe Storage Rate:
Largest memory cloud servers along with superior speed NVMe SSD and 100% dedicated vCPU. Cloud servers are equipped with the ultra fast PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD (enterprise version) and the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD enhances the consistency, reliability and performance while increase the efficiency for data storage, management, and accessibility.

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Superior Service Support

We care about our customers. Other cloud providers deprioritize support to gain more profits.
In BitCap, our cloud experts are ready to assist you anytime, with any issues, 24/7/365 human support.

Managed Server Services

Our Managed server services provide you with the advanced support and technical expertise that you need. With us taking care of activities like – server setup, 24/7 server monitoring and expert support, you can focus on what’s important, your business.

Features of Managed Server Services

Server and application setup



Additional features

* Requires to purchase license from 3rd party. Assistance provided for installation

BitCap Advantage

From Setup, Security Management, Application optimization to 3rd party app support, our specialized expert will take care of everything. Your server’s security is well taken care of, from services like server hardening to security audit. Our managed Virtual Private Server makes sure that our customers do not have to worry about anything like:

Free Apps Install

We currently offer available Free Apps install as follows:

Product FAQs

Under Managed VPS Servers, along with the management of hardware & network aspects, we take complete care of server administration. We provide you with technical expertise & advanced support for security, upgrades, optimization and proactive monitoring so that you remained focused on your business, while we managed your website. A Self-managed VPS Server Hosting is our offering where we continue to support hardware & network aspects of your server, while the rest is looked after by your in-house IT experts.
The entire list of applications, products and services which are provided can be viewed above
Managed Web Hosting Service is available with any VPS purchased from our brand. Managed services can be purchased as an add-on service over your VPS.
You can directly connect with our support team by creating a Ticket. You also have the option to contact the support team via chat.
The Managed Hosting services add-on is not covered under the money-back guarantee policy.
Yes, our Managed VPS comes with full root access, which means you have complete administrative control of your server. With root access, you get complete control of your Managed Web Server and can choose to install any software you wish to. In order to ensure a high quality of Managed Server, we would require that you provide access to our Support team at all times.
Yes, you can purchase Managed Services with your existing VPS Hosting. To purchase the managed hosting, please contact our support team.
We provide assistance to transfer your contents from cPanel – cPanel, Plesk – cPanel, cPanel – Plesk and non-control panel servers to servers with cPanel/Plesk. We suggest that you connect with our migration experts to review your source server and guide you accordingly. For migration assistance, get in touch with our experts. For issues post-migration, our migration team will recheck all server settings and assist you in resolving any queries. However, kindly connect with your web develop in case of any site code related errors or issues due to application compatibility.
Yes. We provide daily backups and Acronis Backup solution, which can be purchased along with your VPS hosting at an additional cost.

  • Acronis backup is an easy and reliable solution which helps take regular real-time backups of database, files, mailboxes & disks. It offers customized options like full or incremental backups, with a daily, weekly or monthly frequency.
  • The VPS backup data is fully encrypted against ransomware, and restoration is fast and instant.
  • Acronis backup is available for Japan, Asia and other server locations. Any incremental purchase of backup volume will add more volume to an existing Acronis panel (depending on the location).
  • New customers can buy Acronis Backup add-on in the purchase flow whereas existing customers can buy it from their control panel.
  • Acronis Cyber Backup add-on is not covered under the money back guarantee refund policy.
  • The tenure & renewal cycle of Acronis backup is independent of the hosting tenure purchased.
We accept crypto payment as well for all our server hosting plans. Crypto currency reduce the cost of the traditional credit card transaction fee.

We accept payment by credit card via Paypal.

We accept ATM transfer for people living in Japan.