We operate our own private mining farm and provides a one-stop solution for purchasing, managing and deploying miners. Customers and investors can choose hosting service after you purchase your mining equipment from us.

Located in South Asia, which has an ideal climate for cryptocurrency miner hosting! The environment, air quality, and humidity conditions are relatively better than other places. Very affordable electricity cost.
Location South Asia
Capacity +20000 Miners
Electricity Cost 0.11 JPY/KwH
Monitoring Free Services
We currently accept IPFS service farming CHIA Farming XCH coin for crypto investors. New farming investors must be approved by our financial committee
After the user choose the product and complete the purchase, the user has agreed to the following mining group purchase terms. The miner recharges and orders the BitCap self-operated mall, the fee includes the cost of the mining machine + logistics freight, the mining machine can choose to receive the goods directly. You can also choose to host under our team to form a group to mine, recommend models such as StrongU, Whatsminer, Antminer, Avalon and so on.

Since the establishment till now products and services have been recognized by customers and investors

Over 15 years of experience in design and manufacture, all of our products are appeared with very new technologies design with high quality and cost-effective solutions for customers to facilitate their time-to- profit and time- to- service requirements.
B365 D32-D4 motherboard 32 SATA slots for CHIA (XCH) farming. Intel CPU, Maximum RAM 32GB, HDMI VGA USB, PCI-E and GPU socket
There are no other fees such as shelf fees. The escrow period is 1 year