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Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server based on ActivityPub where users can follow friends and discover new ones. On Mastodon, users can publish anything they want: links, pictures, text, video. All Mastodon servers are interoperable as a federated network (users on one server can seamlessly communicate with users from another one, including non-Mastodon software that implements ActivityPub)!

Memory Ram

Largest Memory Cloud Server


NVMe Storage

Superior speed NVMe SSD

12 Core

Core vCPU

100% dedicated vCPU


Social Network
100% Decentralized

We offer two types of instance configuration Do It Yourself (DIY) or Mastodon Managed Instance (MMI)

Set Your DIY One Premium Mastodon Instance

Mastodon is a decentralized social networking service designed to be accessible to anyone which allows users to create their own private networks.

960GB NVMe Storage

Superior speed NVMe SSD


Largest memory cloud servers.

Hosted In Japan

Instance hosted in Japan.

DDoS Protection

Protect against DDoS attack

12 Core CPU

100% dedicated vCPU.

24TB Data Transfer

Friendly Bandwidth Included.

Free Backup

Free Instance Daily Backup.

Start at ¥1800/Month

Instance billed tri-annual


Mastodon Managed Instance

Our technical services will care about everything of your mastodon instance including mastodon open source install, monitoring and security server.
¥ 5000 per month
200GB SSD Storage
4GB Ram
4 vCPU
Network 100Mbps
IP Address 1
Mastodon Ready
Mastodon Admin Access
Japan IDC
¥ 9800 per month
400GB SSD Storage
8GB Ram
6 vCPU
Network 100Mbps
IP Address 1
Mastodon Ready
Mastodon Admin Access
Japan IDC
¥ 19800 per month
800GB SSD Storage
16GB Ram
8 vCPU
Network 100Mbps
IP Address 1
Mastodon Ready
Mastodon Admin Access
Japan IDC
Power Pro
¥ 39890 per month
1600GB SSD Storage
32GB Ram
10 vCPU
Network 100Mbps
IP Address 1
Mastodon Ready
Mastodon Admin Access
Japan IDC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DIY Mastodon and Managed Instance?

DIY Mastodon instance is fully managed by yourself. Customer install the software following the Mastodon recommendation and care about every part of your server. We provide operating system install, DDoS protection and free daily backup.

About Mastodon managed instance why choose Mastodon Managed Instance?

Our Managed Instance services, powered by our robust infrastructure and technical experts, provide your business with the best mastodon dedicated hosting solution. You can concentrate on growing your social network while our server specialists take care of your server. From initial setup and maintenance to proactive monitoring, our expert support will take care of everything.

  • Server Optimisation
  • Advanced Support
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring
  • Expert Technicians
  • Server Setup
  • Mastodon Software Install
  • Firewall Setting
  • DDoS Protection

Your mastodon instance will be delivered ready to use.

Why not have free trials ?
Because it helps to keep our customers’ servers and network to the best performance from service abuses.
What is the Bandwidth Fair Usage Policies ?
We uses a Fair Use Policy (FUP) for its Mastodon servers to control the amount of data traffic. The FUP aims to prevent overload of the network, abuse and inconvenience to other users.
What is included in Managed Mastodon Server ?
  • Operating System Install
  • Mastodon open source all dependencies pre-installed and ready to run
  • fail2ban pre-installed
  • Server monitoring
  • Mastodon Admin Access
What is the pre-requirement of Mastodon Server ?
A domain name (or a subdomain) for the Mastodon server An e-mail delivery service or other SMTP server
Where will be hosted my Mastodon Server ?
Your Mastodon Server is located in Japan
What is the payment options ?
We are crypto currencies enthusiasts. We accept payment by Bitcoin. Transactions from Bitcoin usually take few hours to process; while processing time varies due to different procedures operate in the blockchain. Payment by credit card are available via Paypal.
How am I billed for my Mastodon Server ?
We charge your subscription fee on pre-payment basis. Most Hosting plans can be billed by quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Friendly Bitcoin payment is accepted. DIY Mastodon One Premium is charged every 3 Years
How to back up my Mastodon Server ?
Mastodon Servers do not come with any backup service by default, but you could subscribe Acronis Offsite Backup service as an add-on. Apart from this, we always put all of the data on a high availability RAID array for redundancy. We offer Free daily backup for DIY Mastodon On Premium
What is the connection speed of my Mastodon Server ?
Connection speed that mentioned on each service plan represents the achievable speed, and it is intended to inform you as a customer about what you can expect from our services.
Is there any limit on the data transfer?
Mastodon servers come with unlimited data transfer We offer friendly 24TB data transfer for DIY Mastodon One Premium
Does my Mastodon Servers support multiple IP addresses ?
Mastodon Servers come with 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6. We do note provide additional IP addresses for Mastodon Servers
How do I turn off auto-renewal ?
Mastodon server subscriptions that paid by credit card are set to auto-renew so that you don’t experience any interruption in accessing your products or services. To disable auto-renewal, please contact our customer service team. Bitcoin payment a recurring Bitcoin payment is set by default. To disable auto-Bitcoin renewal invoice, please contact our customer service team.
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