Our healthcare portfolio focus high tech innovation research and development in wellness and human body protection include the following industry sectors.

Air Purifier

High medical grade Innovation technology air purifier and anion generator for individual,

Air Purifier Portfolio
Market Investment

EMF Protection

EMF Shielding radiation protection Products, Including High Tech Clothes and 5G anti radiation RFID protection.

EMF Protection Portfolio
Market Investment

Wellness Tools

A collection of high tech and A.I. medical equipment research and development production.

Wellness Portfolio
Market Investment

Healthcare I.o.T

The world is connected through the connected things. BitCap primary Investment portfolio are oriented to make life easier and things smarter by enabling and changing healthcare tools into intelligence.

Healthcare I.o.T Portfolio
Market Investment

Bio Energy

A suite of bio energy and magnetic therapy equipment investment

Bio Energy Portfolio
Market Investment

Virus Detection

A comprehensive collection of medical grade cleanliness virus and bacteria production detector.

Virus Detection Portfolio
Market Investment