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Government Infrastructure Investments

Infrastructure projects focus on the development and maintenance of services, facilities, and systems. These can be funded by private companies, publicly, or combined as a public-private partnership (a collaboration of government entities and private sector companies). The private investments can help manage the economic development of a city, state or an entire country.

BitCap has allocated 70% of its direct investment funds to bankable Government (National and Regional) projects to support and promote long term Investments in infrastructure projects. BitCap provides the investment as either long term secured debt or direct partnership in the infrastructure projects through a structured Private Public Partnership (PPP) arrangement.


The projects must have detailed feasibility study reports and a structured security to cover the financing. For each project, we carry out a stringent due diligence process and careful analysis of valuation undertaken on a consistent basis which must be in line with the BitCap Government Infrastructure Investment Strategy that reduces downside risk and enhances both parties’ returns on investments.


BitCap is also actively involved in the management of the funded projects through the relevant subsidiaries so as to ensure the funds released for each project are applied effectively. Our deal range under Government Infrastructure Investments is from US$ 25 Million to US$ 10 Billion+.


The communications infrastructure sector focuses on the new generation of high-speed network and wireless technology.


Energy infrastructure oversees projects that deal with power including; electrical lines, power grids, alternative energy.


Road infrastructure construction builds new streets and fixes streets, roads, highway and railroad systems for mass transit


Water infrastructure works to create sustainable water projects to purify water supplies from waste, and make it safe for drinking.

Hospital building

Private and Public Construction

Private and public construction are important components of infrastructure. Government agencies and private companies work independently and in partnership, to create structures and provide services that improve societal living.

Private Construction

Private construction projects are funded and owned by private companies and organizations. These include homeowners (residential construction), businesses and private hospitals (commercial construction), and manufacturing facilities (industrial construction).

Public Construction

Public construction, also known as public works, consists of projects funded by local, state, and federal governments. This includes public schools and government buildings.

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste construction finds and disposes of hazardous materials to protect the environment.

Solid Hazardous and waste

Solid and hazardous waste bi-products, such as sewage remnants and other industrial leftovers, are transported to designated landfills hazardous waste facilities. Tanks, drip pads and incinerators are used to treat, recycle or dispose of.

BitCap have collaborated on a $200 million effort to convert methane from dairy farms into natural gas. Several related projects are underway worldwide.


Aviation Infrastructure

Aviation infrastructure projects develop and maintain airplanes and airports. This form of construction is a crucial part of every countries transportation system.

The Next Generation of Air Transportation System project will be one of the most technical aviation infrastructure construction efforts to date.

There is always several investment project’s to renovate aging airports worldwide