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Leading independent of crypto financial research
and investment, advisor of portfolio construction.


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We focus on providing superior mining services for everyone with world leading mining resources. Rent or owning mining machines.

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Our decades of experience in tactical asset allocation are distilled into optimization tools that help investors build anti-fragile investment portfolios.

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Crypto infrastructure, Assets and Decentralized Finance consulting we help investors gain access to digital assets and decentralized finance.

About Us

Who we are

We are a leading independent of crypto financial research and investment, advisor of portfolio construction with expertise in cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, blockchain and technology, energy, investment and real estate.

Our team converges its core strengths of acquisitions, finance, legal and due diligence with our global partners.

Our clients have achieved long-term success built on trust, customized solutions and innovative execution that is sensitive to local needs.
By converging local projects and international capital through our dedicated specialized local and international approach to deal creation, we have successfully led many transactions by pairing the right international and local capital with the right local deal.

We deliver intelligent long-term solutions for our partners and turn them into successful international companies, instantly.

By utilizing our highly unique financial platform, we provide access to our best-of-class relationships, cutting-edge market opportunities, and equity and debt financing and crypto -style financial engineering, we propel international expansion based on our partners’ specific needs.

Our team understands what is important for its partners and protects them from making major mistakes in international markets that are common for new entrants while helping them grow successfully at a rapid pace. BitCap works hard to protect the rights of foreign investors entering new international markets.

BitCap Team

Team management

Our History

BitCap Company History

1994 – 2000

Our first investments concerned the research market and systematic analysis of public and private contracts for construction, architecture and urban planning. in parallel began our investment in the internet industry.



We accelerated our investments in the Internet industry offering web-presence solutions to small-businesses, professionals and individuals with high quality network and services support.



We have invested two large scale private crypto data farm and solar panel farm located in South Asia. Today to serve our customer and investors we are continuing this investment policy in partnerships, with premium hashpower service provider.


We expanded our portfolios in different economic sectors such healthcare and medical research, semiconductors, Anion generator, 5G radio wave individual protection, green energy, rare metal. We diversified our investments in several local industries. BitCap created his own Token and decentralized hedge fund.