Acronis Offsite Backup

Full-featured backup and recovery solution for businesses to protect data from servers, disk level to file level.

Efficient Backup and Recovery for Any Business

Acronis Offsite Backup provides a fast and easy way to run cloud-based offsite backup and recovery solution for operating systems, applications data and more in a virtual machine via a centralized dashboard. Protect your business with complete and reliable backup images of your entire system, files, or data.

Get Started with Acronis Offsite Backup Solution

Fast and Easy Recovery Options

Restore a single file or the entire server image by downloading files and operating system ISO from the Acronis dashboard in case of disaster.

Create Your Backup Plan in Clicks

Setup your backup plan for entire machine or specific file directory easily by defining backup subject, backup copy destinations, schedule and how long the backup copies you would like to keep in a few clicks.

Centralized Backup Management

Access web-based backup management dashboard to create backup plans, view activity history and backup schedule for your cloud servers

Encrypted Backup Data

Optional AES-256 bit encryption on backup copies for enhanced data security.

Activity History

Everything is shown in a clear timeline presentation. View individual backup activity to track the backup progress and last backup completion time. Retrieve log for individual backup job or the entire machine system log.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule backup on specific days of week or month for highly customizable schedule planning.

AOB 100

100GB Max. Cloud Storage
1 Server Supported for Backup

AOB 200

200GB Max. Cloud Storage
2 Servers Supported for Backup

AOB 500

500GB Max. Cloud Storage
4 Servers Supported for Backup

AOB 1000

1000GB Max. Cloud Storage
8 Servers Supported for Backup

AOB 2000

2000GB Max. Cloud Storage
12 Servers Supported for Backup